Whats your feelings when someone prepares for you on your Birthday?

@dioscora (309)
January 31, 2007 3:48am CST
January 29, was the birthday of my daughter Trisha, It brought a big happiness for her because me and herself never expect that I can prepare something for her birthday. Not a real party, prepared only a snacks for her classmates and for her Elementary Teachers, I brought foods at school, me and Trish distributed for her classmates. Its a simple way of celebrating her birthday. Off course she felt happy because from what we prepared , she gave and shared blessings to others too. At home prepared a heavy meals for the Kids and adults too for neighbors, And at exactly 4:00 pm Trish arrived from school, so we get prepared for dinner at around 6 pm with neighbors. And yes, they sang a Happy Birthday offered to a celebrant... But have kids cant go home so, Trish delivered foods for them. She felts was so happy for her birthday and shes so Thankful to the One Person, He gave a special attention too. He gave unlimited Love and Tender loving careFor Trish here and ..... thats LivingTwist. Thank you very much... Thats how Trish feels when celebrated her 7th B-day. Above all Thanks to God for all the blessings He gave to us here. How about others? How do u celebrate and whats feeling when have someone cares, prepares for you for your special DAY?
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