Australian waste water usage, would u use it?

January 31, 2007 4:37am CST
well we all knew that a lot of countries would be facing a clean water problem in the years to come but this current Australian situation is just a signal of how serious this water crisis might be and how urgent this issue is, certainly more serious than what we ever thought of it..... Now my question is that can waste water be ever treated enough for drinkin and usage? how safe is it? i certainly would never use it, maybe those who can afford it may go for bottled water but what about the general public? Australia is a prtetty rich country, why didnt they get prepared for it in advance? and why dont they treat sea water like the Gulf countries? I have been to Arabia, even the desilinated water is not fit for consumption and is hard , then waste sewage water? i cant even think about it..... I would specially want to hear from Ausies about this....
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