A joke and a question about left handers..

@hopefoo (1145)
January 31, 2007 4:50am CST
A father told 6 year old son to raise his right hand. The boy could't ascertain which one is his right hand so the father said "you know, the one you write with. Still the boy continued to look at his hands, somewhat puzzled. To which the father said "okay, the one you move the mouse with!" and the boy raised his right hand. So..here's the question, do left handers use the right hand to work the mouse too? I must say that I dont have a single left handed friend. Had a few in high school, but computer wasn't that big a thing yet back then.
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@jazgottt (1181)
• Poland
19 Apr 08
hi hopefoo. My sister is left handed and she uses her right hand to move a mouse. She writes with her left hand. And she generally do most of the things with her left hand. She said, that it is common for left handed people to use their right hand to move a mouse. have a nice day, jazgottt.
@mssnow (9493)
• United States
18 Apr 08
My mother told me that on my right hand I have two moles right next to each other. To this day the only way I know is to look at my hands lol thanks mom
@diillu (5128)
25 Mar 08
It's really a nice joke. And as about your discussions, I would say that I'm lefty and using mouse is the only thing that I use with my righ hand to do. I use my left hand to eat as well. I do most of the chores and most other things with my left hand. It's kind of difficult for me to use my left hand on household chores cause I feel like I can't control it. It might be because I have always been using my left hand only. I use my right hand rarely.
• United States
20 Feb 08
yes, i have been left handed all my life and I do move my mouse with my right hand. i am eight years younger then my older brother but they (school-parents-friends) would insist that you be right handed..later the powers to be changed their minds and let kids be left handed..things and ideas change..President Bush, Al Gore, and Ross Perot were all left handed (i think) but they all ran for president at the same time..but i do some things both handed..depends
@urbandekay (18312)
20 Oct 07
I am right-handed but use my left hand on the mouse and a few other things left-handed as well all the best urban
17 Jun 07
Its no hard n fast rule dat a left hander cannot use his/her right hand to work the mouse. He may or may not. I m not being diplomatic but this is b'coz: (1)Its just the matter of time, may be a week's time is enough even 4 a left hander to use the mouse with his right hand. (2)Technicallly speaking, the mouse settings can be changed in order to facilitate the requirements of a left hander.