What does your star tells?

January 31, 2007 5:13am CST
Are you one of those who believe in horoscopes? I don't believe in one although I enjoy reading it just for fun. But i believe this should not dictate our lives.
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@patootie (3593)
31 Jan 07
I don't understand why anyone believes the horoscopes that are given in the various newspapers and magazines .. there are billions of people in this world .. and only 12 horoscope signs .. so if the horoscope says 'you will met with an accident today' that would mean around a billion people would have an accident hahahaha ... Of course it can't happen ... the only way a horscope could even begin to come close to being accurate is if it were painstakingly worked out by a very good astrologer ... and I am sure it would cost a fortune too ..
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• Philippines
1 Feb 07
You are just right about that observation. No one really knows our future and indulging in horoscopes should just be for the reason of passing the time when you have nothing to do.