orphans and adoptions

January 31, 2007 5:13am CST
do you think that this trend of adoption should continue and should be encouraged, or maybe you support the strict adoption rules by governments of the countries like China to make as much sure as possible, i do support that
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@Bizziebod (3526)
31 Jan 07
Hi smbilalshah, I think people should be encouraged to adopt children, what is wrong with people adopting a child of a different race or culture if the child is going to be loved, better educated and have a better life then why not give this child the best start in life?
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@babykay (2133)
• Ireland
17 Feb 07
I think that in general we should support arrangements to adopt children. It seems that the Chinese have lots of girls who no Chinese wants, in orphanages, so it is best for them if they are adopted. Of course it is preferable if every child remains with the parents, but when this does not happen it is better if the children go to families that want them.