Once upon a time......?

@earnlot (100)
United Arab Emirates
January 31, 2007 5:17am CST
Can we make a good short story about some fairies or myths or legends anything...I will make the starting... Once upon a time long many years back there lived a king and the queen whos is so beautiful than any lady on earth..
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@cerium (691)
31 Jan 07
Then, the big dragon came and ate them both :(
@earnlot (100)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Feb 07
Yeah,but it was only an imagination.The evil watch wanted to put them on atrap and she uttered some magical words to give them bad dreams and imaginations to confuse them.But the dragon was only an imagination...
@cerium (691)
2 Feb 07
Then it came for real and killed everybody. THE END
@weemam (13377)
6 Feb 07
The king wanted to keep her all to hiself so he sent the workers to build a giant fence all around the castle , but the queen hated this as she could not o out totalk to her friends xx
@earnlot (100)
• United Arab Emirates
7 Feb 07
yeah,the queen did not lik the king's suggestion.But she is a very clever lady,she was having many friends.One she told them....