A possible new cure for cancer, but drug companies won't fund it.

@nkife52 (207)
January 31, 2007 6:24am CST
This is a very disturbing story that shows just how the big pharmaceutical companies today are so entrenched in the capitalistic mind set that even a possible cure for cancer isn't worth their attention if it won't make them much money. Do you think there's hope for a cure if this keeps up? "The drug dichloroacetate appears to target cancer cells, causing them to die. Its potency as a cancer killing agent has been tested in tissue cultures and mice, with very promising results. However, clinical trials need to be run. Since the drug is not patentable and can be produced very cheaply, pharmaceutical companies won't fund those trials." http://digg.com/health/Scientists_Find_Cancer_Cure_But_Big_Pharma_Isn_t_Interested
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