Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 Year 2007 Romance

January 31, 2007 6:58am CST
Sagittarius Youll feel a deep emotional connection with your partner this year and discover exciting new ways of communicating. You feel mentally stimulated and are able to communicate your needs. You will be listened to in new ways as you create fresh positive value systems based on new goals. You feel as if a fog is being lifted when it comes to communication and relationships since you will get very clear feedback and lots of love and understanding returned. You are very aware of how others affect you emotionally and, conversely, you notice your affect on them. You discover new ways of feeling comfortable with a pending partnership. You have a strong sense of your individuality and need to have an emotionally stable partner. Its important that you learn how to value your emotional needs independent of the partnership energy, which you sometimes connect to habitually. You are likely to be social and quite popular this year while enjoying the harmony of an intimate partnership that reflects your emotions back to you. Youve worked hard to acquire material comforts, and you love to have possessions. You want to share with others who appreciate your efforts and who dont take you for granted. You are passionate and intense, and youll have a strong love this year through which you can express your deepest desires. More from
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