celebrities and politics..

United States
January 31, 2007 6:58am CST
does it bother anybody else the way celebrities take political stands?/.. i try to follow politics and stay fairly up to date on the issues..i realize this is a free country, (america,) and that celebrities have just as much right to an opinion as anybody else, however, listening to them air their agenda sickens me..why? because if you listen to them they may be passionate about an issue, but generally so biased as to be laughable..however people listen to them because of their celebrity status...when i listen to them talk about an issue, one that i have taken an interest in and have researched, i cringe at the way they are embarassing..but they don't know it and neither do most viewers...people believe the celebrity is knowledgable simple because they are in front of a camere and have an audience..but with our media hore rating country it will never end, and people will go on listening to and believing little informed but camera accessable celebrities simply because of their status..most average people don't have the money to have their opinions aired in such a convincing manner, but celebrities take it for granted..i wish they would at least take the time to do some research...
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