How old should children be when they get to decide who to live with?

United States
January 31, 2007 7:31am CST
In the state of Indiana, a child has to be 14 years of age before a judge will consider thier wishes in a custody case. Even then, the child does not have the final say, but as the child gets older, thier wishes weigh more heavily in the eyes of the law. In my opinion, there should be no directly stated age for this law. Each child differs in maturity. One child may be just as mature at 10 as another is at 15, does that mean that the 15 year old is more capable of knowing what he or she wants than the 10 year old? I feel that the major factor should be the child's maturity, not necessarily their actual age. After all, if we can charge, try, and sentence children as adults when a crime is committed, why do they not have the simple ability to decide with which parent they want to live with?
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