do u believe evil exixts???????? u believe in it? - are u scared of evil, do u think that evil exixts? do u believe in it?
January 31, 2007 3:48pm CST
Hey guys after watching so many horror flicks, do u believe that evil exixts and do u believe in it? u think that evil is out there and may harm u in some way? u think that 666 is the number of the devil? u think that evil may arise anytime this century and takeover the world? u think there will be a judgement day?
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• India
9 Feb 07
yes i do believe that evil exists! i believe in both good as well as bad. i believe in god as well as ghosts!
@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
9 Feb 07
Well, if I was a god-fearing man then I would believe,after all god himself created evil (or so says the bible). Now, I little more seriously. Evil exists, but it is not a being, a sensient thing, evil is part of humanity, not all humans, but some humans are evil, others become evil, the reasons are many. Since I do not believe in evil as a entity, it cannot arise and takeover. No judgment day in my opinion (I lack belief in the existence of deities). Ah, 666 is just a number, only that.
@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
Believing on evil and judgement day for me depends on the religion of a certain individual because each individual have different religion and the teaching varies. On my religion it was really stated the evil really exist and it tempted and fool every human to do bad things and harm other people and there will be a judgement day. I really believe that no matter how we believe in we should just try to respect each other because at the end of our journey here on earth we are all be judge by the creator.
@ownado (1680)
• Portugal
31 Jan 07
No, I don't believe in such thing like that. I think it was created in BD's and movies but it's nothing more than a humans' creation.