Yamaha Rd350 - The Legend!

January 31, 2007 11:26pm CST
Born in the year 1973 in the US and reigned world-wide until the 80's. The one mother of all 2-strokes those days. The ultimate Giant Killer who eats bikes twice her cubic capacity. She put out a 39 B.H.P @ 8500 r.p.m. with a 27lb/ft torque at 7250 r.p.m. The Beast that would eat a quarter-mile in 13.08 seconds and R.I.P @ 102 miles per hour those days. Then Marketted in India as a venture between Escorts Yamaha and Rajdoot launching it as a Rajdoot 350. With 6 gears and so much horses not other production bike had been able to even match her in India. Thus she Ruled for 25 yrs and yet unbreakable. I'm a proud owner of one. She is my dream and my reality and all what you see is the faint blue two stroke smoke vanishing in a straight lond road. I share my experience here and i'm ready to take on any discussion about her. Start.
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