How many of ur children keep the things in their place after use?

@maapav (730)
February 1, 2007 12:37am CST
I have a daughter of nine years.But till now she has not learnt to keep her things after use in their place.It really irritates me.Does your children do this? I just wanted to know how many children keep their things in place?
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@vertex (803)
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
I dont have a child but i have a small brother though. He is like your daughter who doesnt keep things after using it and i really hate it because it is a bit messy when he is playing. Usually i teach him but he just dont eally learn how to keep things.
@hellboi (663)
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
we are five in the family, two boys and three girls. the funny thing is my brother and i usually keep our things in their places right after we use them but on the contrary my sisters would just throw everything in their beds or just let things slip off their hand where they'd want to leave it, quite the contrary indeed hehe
• United States
1 Feb 07
Mine is not even 2 yet so sometimes he will help me put things back, sometimes not but I still want to try and teach him from a young age. Since your daughter is older, she should be able to understand concepts better. Maybe you can start a reward system for her. For example, if she puts away her things at the end of the day, you give her a sticker. Maybe after 10 stickers or whatever, she gets a treat/surprise. That will encourage her to do her chores around the house more.