Tips for tutoring kids pls...

February 1, 2007 12:56am CST
I have been offered by a friend to tutor her 5 year old kid after getting off from work. I am pretty excited about it because i would be able to earn extra money. THe problem is, i havent done anything like teaching or tutoring before so i really need some advice on this one based from your experiences or how you want your kids to be tutored. Thanks in advance!
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1 Feb 07
a 5 year old is a piece of cake..It's just a matter of keeping the child interested in the homework rather than the other distractions. I hope you're taking him to a library or a quiet place because I've done tutoring in the students' homes and it is really not the best idea. They get hungry, wanna watch TV and what not. The only thing with the library is my students would always want to go to the bathroom. If I seem them getting very strained, I will allow them to go but if it's a one hour session, just two visits are the most.
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• Philippines
2 Feb 07
thanks for your tip but i have asked the mom about it and she said that i'll be tutoring the kid in their house..she doesnt want us to go anywhere during the tutoring session, for security reasons maybe, and i would like to respect that..
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2 Feb 07
i haven't really had any experiences, except with my 5-year old nephew, and what i usually do first is to get his attention. you can be as creative as you'd want to be. remember that kids want to play, so create a playful environment while teaching him new things. i once used a walkie-talkie with my nephew to teach him math. i play interactive games with him in my computer.