Hindus and Muslims apart, India breeds bulk of terrorists !

February 1, 2007 12:59am CST
For those who joined myLot.com late, this piece is by a Christian (RC) in New Delhi (India) with love and best wishes for a tete-a-tete of 2007. There was very thick fog this morning with very poor visibility but things became clear as the day progressed. On my way to office (by bus - I cannot afford a vehicle), I retraced my steps to some 15 years ago. That was when Sunny Deol (for those abroad, SD is the son of famous Indian actor Dharmendra) was interviewed by R.K.Karanjia - Blitz Weekly editor - "who according to you is the present day hero of Indian cinema ?" - SD was asked and quick came his reply "My father". Not long after, Aamir Khan was on the National Channel giving his viws on national and international awards. "To me" - he said "value of any xyz award is O (zero)". Readers will be aware of what I am driving at. Quite recently Aamir had made a marathon run for the Oscars. And here is my point. Terrorists ? No, that was merely for a caption. myLot.com is all about gossip and it pleases the females with males too joining the bandwagon. I happen to be one of them. To my thinking, gossip never gets anyone anywhere. Earning ? Well, I personally am not here for the bucks. People will get to know the whats and whys of my presence in myLot.com in the long run. My point is, why does media give so much of importance to interviewing people ? Are they convinced that what a person is contemplating today will not get altered with the pssing of time ? If Aamir Khan was today interviewed on 'award', what would be his say ? Sunny Deol too, today a matured man, will he keep boasting of people within his own family circle or come out a matured man giving room for other people of better calibre ? Gossip has made terrorists as well. Gossip makes people too casual about even the seriousmost topics. People pass time in gossiping with friends and acquaintances. They feel the heat of life ebbing away into an atmosphere of ease. Gossip ! Where do we go for some serious discusion on topics of larger interest ? Well, doing serious discussion makes people adopt a principled stand. It educates a person as much as it does by reading. By discussion we learn to acquire others views and share ours with others. It makes one thinking and thinking and thinking to a state of research and invent. We invent new theories, innovative schemes, we start adopting a constructive approach to life. And the world moves on. So now tell me, where do the terrorists originate ?
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