businessman are ristaker?

February 1, 2007 1:21am CST
according to books of entrepreneur business man are ristaker but in what since..if you are engage in multi business could you risk your capital in order to gain more what if you lose for being the risk one. so you lose you money and your business too right? so if your are business man what should be the best thing to do?
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• India
1 Feb 07
My friend, i think, its better if we can call the term as 'calculated risk' :) Risk, basically is something, which has a chance of geeting wrong and one might confuse it with something more of lcuk than effort. However, if you look at the top busnessmen around you, all of their moves are an outcome of a well planned strategy, which eventually is an outcome of some practical thinking based of proper logic and reasoning. Most of them do necessary reseach before making a conclusion and then conclusion is then tested pratcially in the market. Often, losts of tests are done in a minor way, before concluding a result. So it would not be right to call it 'Risk' per say. We can call it 'calutared' or a 'worked out risk'. Risk may be better expalined as somthing impromptu, like you see a baby lying next to sanke, now you have to 'risk' your life and save baby's life. This situation is sudden and you might not be sure how to deal with it. So this 'risk' element is there. Business strategy, however, deals with a different scnrio. Yes, the risk factor is certainly there, and that will be always there, because, things are not done till they are actually done :) Cheers !
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• Philippines
1 Feb 07
thanks for your response i appriciate enough about your what you tell in that case i give you +. thanks