So how do you make friends here?

United States
February 1, 2007 1:33am CST
Do you just have to be the bold one and request someone to be a friend? I'm pretty shy as far as that goes. Luckily, a few of my friends from another community were already on here. I'd love to try and get to know more of the people here but I'm just shy and am too nervous to try and add anyone I don't know from somewhere else. That said, if you wanna add me, feel free to! I always love a new friend. :)
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• United States
1 Feb 07
Hey Heather I've noticed that if you post alot, people will start to notice you (and who wouldn't with that beautiful face!) and will request to be your friend. Some of them really want to be your friend and will try to respond to things you post but others seem to only be interested in having a high number of friends and having YOU post in their discussions and then they do not return the favor. The best thing is, you can always delete those you decide aren't your "style" if you realize it later. This is not like MySpace at all - keep that in mind. :) Good luck, my friend :heart:
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
1 Feb 07
I think the best way to go around and make friends is when you post responses on their discussions, if you like the discussions that they start, request a friend, most people here seem to add when requested. THat also gets more people looking at your discussions. But I will send you the friend invite. Good luck here at mylot!
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
1 Feb 07
Hello welcome to Mylot, no need to be shy in here, I hope you enjoy yourself in here, you will end up with heeps of friends...have fun...
@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
25 Mar 07
It's just the internet - don't be shy. Make friends, add friends, let them add you... it's all possible.
@blueskies (1186)
• United States
3 Feb 07
Heather, I'm normally a pretty introverted person. When I came to mylot, I sent out a couple of friend requests. When they accepted, I quickly saw how valuable friends are and started requesting more. A few people have deleted my requests, but that's their perogative. You aren't notified if someone rejects you, so that helps to take some of the sting out of it. Go ahead and send requests to people that you have common interests with. Be bold and add people when you enjoy reading their topics. Soon, you'll have lots of friends and will feel right at home here :)