The Cost of Living...Don't you miss the old days?

United States
February 1, 2007 1:42am CST
Remember the old days when gas only costs .89 cents? Remember when a 16oz bottle of Pepsi was .65cents? How bout cigarettes? I remember at one point a pack costs around $2.00. I must've been like 7-13 yrs old at the time when soda and cigarettes were so cheap but i do remember gas at .89cents a gallon because i was driving around that time. I understand that as time goes on prices do go up. The older folks would probably agree with me more since a bottle of soda was probably like .5cents or .25 cents in the 60's. A 2 bedroom apartment for rent in South Philadelphia in the 90's was priced around $300-350 a month while the same apartment goes for $600-750 now without utilities. I think what I'm trying to say is that maybe we should be happy for the prices we are paying for things we need. With the way things are looking, we might be paying more than we ever could imagine in 5-10 more years.
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