want to learn Bahasa Malaysia?

February 1, 2007 3:04am CST
hi....do you want to learn simple language Bahasa Malaysia? here it is: nama saya ali=my name is ali.. what do you think about bahasa malaysia?
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• India
2 Feb 07
ya i want to learn Bahasa Malaysia. i like this language.
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7 Feb 07
thank you to your interest to learn bahasa malaysia...bahasa malaysia is so simple as long you have unterest in it... here i give simple example my name is rajivkumar==nama saya rajivkumar im 20 years old==umur saya 20 tahun :)
@urbandekay (18312)
1 Feb 07
Well, that looks easy, but I am sure the rest of it is much harder to master. I am very bad at languages and often wish I could speak another language :( all the best urban
1 Feb 07
it ok...at least you have a wish...for me that is important.i translated in malay "ok...sekurang-kurangnya kamu ada menyimpan harapan..untuk saya itu lebih penting" :)