what you dont know wont hurt you

@adik13 (26)
February 1, 2007 3:09am CST
is it possible to lie to someone you really, really love? even if you know that it will hurt them and probably be the reason for your break-up? when my boyfriend and i started our relationship,he said that he needed my trust. its easy to see because we are in a long distance relationship, otherwise it wont work. he's my first boyfriend and i find it hard to trust someone other than myself but after a few months i let go of the paranoias and fears that he might cheat on me. my love for him overcame those fears and i believed everything that he has to say without second thought. not until last November, when i found out many things that he's hiding from me, things that i made clear to him that would hurt me. his bestfriend told me about eveything that he's been hiding, i confronted him about it and he said that "i kept it a secret because i know you wont like it" and "i just dont want to hurt you cause i love you". he didnt cheated on me with other girls or the likes but still i didnt like what he's been doing and worst he kept it a secret. i believe him when he say that he loves me, but why would he do that? if he doenst want to hurt me as he said why did he do it on the first place? am i stupid to forgive him? or was i overreacting?
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• India
3 Feb 07
i think you are doing overreacting .