best person for prime minister

February 1, 2007 3:59am CST
who would be your choice of person to run the country and why? forget tony blair and his cronies.....i would like george clooney 1 because hes gorgeous 2 because hes single 3 because he supplies the martini
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• India
1 Sep 08
i think i am the best option to run the country. i am smart, good-looking and have a couple of girl friends. i know a bit of politics and bit of economics. i can deal tactfully with people and can return their hypocrisy in their coin. so, buddy , select me...
@jawaharks (590)
• India
22 May 08
i like to elect aishwarya rai.
19 Mar 08
I think he'd be an improvement to Gordon Brown, but then so would anyone, as Gordon sold our Gold for peanuts and gold has now shot up in value, he throws money at problems incompetently and supports the crazy ID card scheme that will increase identity theft considerably when a gadget is designed to scan the cards from meters away, absorbing the person's full biometric ID profile. George Clooney might reduce the tax on drink and figure out a more sensible way to curb irresponsible drinking.