Does anyone know what progress has been made on the WOW Movie?

February 1, 2007 6:53am CST
Do you know if where the project is? Has it been written yet? Where are they filming? Cast? Director? I'd love to hear more about it - it would be great to find out about getting involved in it :)
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• United States
5 Feb 07
As from what I've heard, it will be headed by Peter Jackson of the LOTR/King Kong fame after he and Microsoft finish the Halo Movie. As for the Script, No one has even thought of one yet. No one at Blizzard or Peter himself.
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@ivesyono (131)
• Canada
6 Feb 07
WoW Movie i thought i just made that idea up and told plp their was going to be one or their should be one i didn't actually think their was an actually movie coming out. WoW but hell i do think that if they ever do end up making a movie it should be rather interesting to make. just the outcome who would win the horde or the alliance. meaning if you wish to satisfy all players of the game with this movie it would mean something like them working together to defeat some guy or they will tie in the end making it a band ending. making it a bad movie. but it could be based on many things i think they should base it on the origanal story of how the alliance came to be and how they had to fight the horde. seeing how the original story was the best and you had to be the alliance horde wasn't even an option untill later.
@loveworld (104)
• China
5 Feb 07
no ,I donnot konw at lest.
@ToMuSH (202)
• Israel
1 Feb 07
Not me..