help! i wish i had more energy!

February 1, 2007 9:03am CST
Why is it that some people have boundless energy and 24/7 glow when i'm constantly fighting off fatigue? I always feel tired and can't do stuff that i should be doing! What should i do to boost my energy level? Do you suffer from low energy as well?
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• Italy
2 Feb 07
there are a lot of motivation, phisical attitude, . to improve your resistance do footing spinning will feel better
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• Philippines
4 Feb 07
what is footing? spinning? care to talk more about them? are you suggesting i engage in physical or sports activities perhaps?
@anjoks (2084)
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
Of course, all humans do. . When u feel stressed, automatically u feel tired in both mind and body. . Rest. That's the first thing u must do in order to boost your energy level my friend. Don't forget to eat, don't skip meals and don't overeat, they drain your energy. Drink plenty of water and most of all start your day right by eating breakfast, it will boosts your metabolism all day round, give you strength. Well if this things doesn't work out, go see a doctor to make sure your it isn't caused by any medical problem.
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• Philippines
4 Feb 07
wow, thanks a lot. i do always eat breakfast. but i don't think i eat healthy. not too much veggies on my plate. and i don't drink enough water. anyway, i read somewhere that I should not oversleep over the weekend because my body will feel sleepy during the weekdays... anyway, thanks again. your advice were all sound and professional. cheers!
@sanji07 (26)
• India
17 Nov 07
to keep the energy level high through out the day be happy by doing thing what you like example i keep myself engaged to be happy by chatting with my best friends and we share our things to eachother and tell jokes then for the hole day we will remain happy if dont see them means i read some tales and comedy book to be happy thats all so try to be happy as much as you, then you can see the difference from yur self and take all the things in positive manner don't be discourage by yourself and its very bad because there is nobody then yourslf to encourage you so first of all you must to encourage you, andmove you in positive way