How i delet my discussions?

@bjskid (322)
United States
February 1, 2007 10:31am CST
I can't delet my discussions!
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@cultoffury (1283)
• India
4 Feb 07
I think that is not possible, everyone would have wished to delete at least one of their posts at some point of time. That would made us a bit more bold to post better topics. But it is obvious, they have paid for what we write, that makes the posts their. So they would try to protect it. That is what.
• Brazil
4 Feb 07
You can't, but I think that option could be exist
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
1 Feb 07
Mylot is like the real world a bit in that once you open your mouth and speak you can't take it back so I would suggest more people think before speaking. :) Of course if you say something that breaks the rules you may see that admin removes your post and your money but other than that the spoken word remains spoken.
• United States
1 Feb 07
I dont believe you can delete your own discussion. I believe they get deleted for you after so many days. Im sure mylot will change that, because they are always making improvements. Hang in there.
@jmcafam (2891)
• United States
1 Feb 07
I don't think there is a way to delete a discussion. It would be nice if there were.