Ebay versus other auction websites

February 1, 2007 11:49am CST
I have recently came across other auction websites, but recently ebay has been dissapointing me with many things like you cannot sell sim cards because it vilates the terms and conditions. did any one habe had the same problem? anyways, i heard that people who sell sim cards on ebay, get banned and even not get refund their fees, but get their listing removed and ebay ripps them off. i have searched over google for other auction websites, but i dont know if there are any good or smth like ebay sites available. there's one site, but there arent many members. i signed there and i got paid 10 pounds. if you would like to sign in there and increase the number of sellers and buyers: heres the site www.bideasynow.com the site will get better and i hope ebay will go down, as i have heard some people are gonna sue them for removing listings without refunding.
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