we have to lose our mind to came to our senses

February 1, 2007 2:48pm CST
sometimes our mind really stopes us to do things that we wanna do......do u consider we have to think less and to try to be guidded by our senses?
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@edigital (2710)
• United States
13 Feb 07
I think it is for those who practice meditation. I do not think about mind what will do not do not - just according to situation I proceed with mind and sense.
@Tetchie (2933)
• Australia
13 Feb 07
We definitely need to be out of our minds more - it gets us into so much trouble. But our senses may not be the answer either. Perhaps come to our senses is not necessarily about smell, hearing, sight etc. More it's about common sense, a more learned response instead of reaction. In meditation it is getting out of the mind that gives you peace. And our senses are also a problem because they keep us in the external world instead of the internal one. We have to lose our minds to become extraordinary.