Who is my religion?

February 1, 2007 3:15pm CST
I feel inside that im a religious person. I have a spritual heart. Im open minded, dont judge other people for what they are, what they belive or what they do. I try to live good, do good things to people, animals and all living things on earth. I love the nature and the earth we live in. I try to live in a way that i dont leave to many ecological footprints behind when i leav this world. But i dont feel any attractions to the commond christian faiths. I dont go to church. What kind of religius person am i?
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@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
1 Feb 07
So you do not actually worship God and actually pray to God. what Im going to say now is pretty hard and sensitive subject. So I just want to say my opinion, its ok if you do not agree but please dont take this as offense. To be a real religious person. I am a Catholic Christian. I have faith in God and I do good things with the guidance of God. I dont really know about you but one thing that I know we cannot always do good things without the guide of God. The worst thing that often happen that people live in this world, feeling that they are living a good life, and actually care about other people, always do good things, but there are some things missing in their life that they dont realise. its like they are going to the right direction, thats what they tought. But they are actually going to the doom side without they noticing it. I see what you have done, you are really a kind hearted and good person but I do not think you are a really religious person or not. I know it would be hard to convince someone that has kind heart and living a good life to follow God and worship him wholeheartedly, its easier to convice bad people or sick people. But I just want to share this with you, I am sorry to those who feel offended by this.
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• Norway
4 Feb 07
The doom side, hmm,i must say that i am very disagree with you. But you have right to have your opinion. No hard feelings :)
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• Indonesia
10 Mar 07
Do you have any ways of expressing your thanksgiving to the Lord? How do you celebrate and express your christianity? I wish I've supported you to answer your own question. God bless you....
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@buenavida (8786)
• Sweden
17 Apr 07
Are you a person searching for truth? So what could be the religion that God wants you to belong to? According to the Bible most religions are false, also the churches have forgotten about the first Christian faith. They have taken part in wars and are engaged in politics and forget the Kingdom of God that is a real government and soon will take over this earth. Daniel 2:44 Instead of keeping to old traditions, true Christians should be studying more and more and searching to find out what God´s will is. Why not make a test? Keep praying that God will show you the truth. Don´t give up. You will meet people who are following the prophecy in Matthew 24:14, preaching the good news about God´s Kingdom. The Bible tells us how the angels have a unique work to do, to collect those who really, honestly want to learn the will of God and follow it. If you are one of them, they are going to arrange things so that you learn what is God´s will for you. May God bless you.