How much money have you made on mylot?

United States
February 1, 2007 3:46pm CST
Tell how much you made so far the most you made in a day and how in the heck did you make that much?
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@Silverkid (279)
• Canada
1 Feb 07
The most I ever made was like 99c one day. I posted around 70 times, but each was a good long informative post. The next day my rating rised from a 4 to a 9. Mylots great isnt it.
@ram13288 (388)
• United States
1 Feb 07
with my 286 posts i have made 4.38 and the most that made in one day was 81 cents. i made 31 posts that were 4 lines each and i uploaded 10 photos. from the posts i made 71 cents and from the photos i made 10 cents. all you have to do is make sure you post quality posts that are more than 2 lines.
@cowgirl2701 (2081)
• United States
1 Feb 07
The most I have made in one day is a little over $1. You need to have quality posts and responses. Post and respond as much as possible. I am on dial up so it takes forever for me to do anything. I also don't have a lot of time to spend on here. Hope this helps. I do reach payout about every month. I didn't reach it for January because I had a family emergency and wasn't on here much. Otherwise I would have reached it. Good luck and enjoy MyLot.
@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
1 Feb 07
I onlly have 12.54 out of 600 post that I made. its not that great because at the earlier when I joined I only post discussion and response to discussion that is very short and like one line. they dont consider it as quality response though I am answering the question. I reckon you can actually get more money by posting long response and quality responsed in the discussion. you can choose to upload photo though I dont like it cause it takes too long, it pays you as well. But, I prefer going to the discussion because its more fun answering and making discussion. Good luck for you all in mylot and have fun. its a good side to interract with people with extra money that will be coming into your pocket. though its not much, its good that while we interact we get extra money.
@xXmeganxX (4422)
1 Feb 07
the most ive made in a day is $2.25, and i earned that much by posting great responses! :O)
1 Feb 07
I have only been doing it for 2 days. I made 63c the first day and $2.67 the second day. I have been doing it for hours on both days. Trying to get lots of friends and seinding out occasional discussions of my own as well as responding to my friends discussions as well as new ones.