Waterbirds in the Coorong System

February 1, 2007 4:16pm CST
How do all you Australians feel about the current treatment of the Coorong system? I believe it has been ignored by polititians for far too long, and now it has lost so many of its components, such as Ruppia tuberosa plants, hardyhead fish and the original tidal regimes. I was there two weeks ago, and it is now full of brine shrimps as it has becom so saline in sections. The wading birds were often not present at all in sections where they could previously be found in their thousands. It used to be black with ducks, but this time I only saw a few thousand! This system is so important not only to sedentary birds, but migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere as well. More support is urgently needed to gain more environmental flows from the Murray River to be diverted into the Coorong in a seasonally appropriate fashion. The lack of flows, especially due to the Barrages, is the main cause of its problems
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