I want to go to Italy before I am old!

United States
February 1, 2007 7:03pm CST
I really want to go to Italy. It is so expensive though... I want to see all those beautiful places while I am young enough to walk the cobblestone streets and eat gelato without being an old fart! I want any Ideas you might have in raising money for my trip! Please only serious answers please!
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@habichuelo (3104)
• United States
3 Feb 07
youre right its now when you should go there!! ---i dont konw were you work at but you can always get a part time job too not paying attention on if you like it or not,just do it for the $$$ and that $$$ dont even touch it and save it to go there
• Canada
2 Feb 07
My husband and I are trying to get the money together to take a trip ourselves.. and MAN is it hard to save. We tell everyone that we want money for christmas and birthdays and stuff like that because we want to take a trip to Africa for our 5th anniversary.. and that's not too much farther away. I took on a part time job, and that money goes directly into our savings, and my husband set up a thing with his payroll where they deposit a certain amount directly into his savings each pay.. and if we have too.. we're going to raid the RRSP. Every spring I usually do a spring cleaning, and give outgrown clothes and toys and things like that to charity, but I think that this spring, I'm going to have a yard sale instead. You have to be creative. Once we found out how much money it was going to cost us to go on our dream vacation.. we started being as creative as possible. Good luck, I'm sorry I can't come up with some better suggestions.