explaing more about moola.com

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February 1, 2007 7:37pm CST
I have read other posts about moola.com, but saw that they didnt explain it good,so I decided to make my own post: First of all I have some invitations, so if anybody wants them, please PM me.(or post it here) Now a little about moola: Moola is an invitation only site that gives you the chance of winning over 10 million dollars for free!!! A basic how it works: They give you 1 penny and you play a game to try and double it. If you double it 30 times in a row it is over $10,000,000. You can cash out at $10 dollars if you wish though. To get to $10 dollars doesn't take alot of time.. just luck and some strategy fpr the games. 2 4 8 16 32 64 1.28 2.56 5.12 10.24 10 wins would give you the minimum cashout level. You don't always have to risk everything if you don't want to. You could play a bunch of 32c games and make your way to $10 if thats what you wnated.. heck play 1000 1c games if you like that games:) I wont go into the games right now, as I wouldn't have enough space to post about them:) So if you would like an invitation to play at moola for free you can Private Message me. (or post you'r e-mail address here) Thanks, Motti
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2 Feb 07
Yes it is a very fun site to play on. I have my first check coming from them soon. One bit of advice is when you get to $10 don't cash out right away. Play some more and save up. Then cash out for $10 or whatever you want but save some for playing again.
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3 Feb 07
Also, if I send you an invitation and you sign up from it, I'll send you 2 links with 2 boosters. you can spin up to 4 times a day, and you win money each time you spin!!!!
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9 Feb 07
Anybody wants an invitation? I only have 4 left, so get 'em ehile you can!