business plan, advice please

@shelagh77 (3643)
February 1, 2007 7:51pm CST
I am currently trying to draw up a business plan and there are a lot of text book type advice pieces on the web BUT real life here what unexpected expenses did you discover once you actually started your business this information would be a great help to myself and anyone else trying to draw up some sort of contingency plans at the start of a venture
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@gracie73 (66)
• United States
5 Feb 07
The main thing I am finding, and I am still finding things, is the little stuff. I kept forgetting to include things like postage, envelopes, paper, and such. Don't forget office supplies if you use them. (paper clips, post-it notes, pens and the like)
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@shelagh77 (3643)
7 Feb 07
Thank you gracie, all help is much appreciated. I have to admit that paper wise I am a terrible hoarder and recycler. I write a lot as well and all my drafts are on the back of envelopes etc all bulldog clipped together to make a writing pad. It is not just to save money, it is the whole recycling thing. Post it notes are my real indulgence. I must admit I could spend a fortune on them. They are just so convenient and I have this neat trick of putting a post it note reminder on the door latch so it can not be missed on the way out of the flat! Thanks again, I shall let you know how I get on with the fun (not!) project of the business plan!
@Lakota12 (42684)
• United States
2 Feb 07
I tried to do one one line and even talked to the feller on phone it sounded so good so I invested$400 right after I got paper wok and every thing the company he was with went down so I lost my money about a year later he called me and said he had started his own company I was so mad from the first one I just told him if I decided I would call him never did. the thing is to really investigate your plan real good before you do any thing
@shelagh77 (3643)
3 Feb 07
I think we are at cross purposes here, I must have described my post badly, I am sorry about that. What I mean is that I am hoping to turn a hobby into a business and I am formulating a plan as to how to run the business and the expenses etc. I have read the text book but wondered if others had little snags which had occurred during the first few months of their new business, which do not appear in books, so that I could try to plan for those types of things also. I am so sorry that you lost money and I hope that the next thing you tried was a lot more successful.