Seek to establish Lgistics network between traders (businesses)

October 10, 2006 9:43am CST
The country I am refering is a very low income country. As a result the level of logistics practices of modern era are not well developed. The traditional form relationship between traders who run their businesses at different locations dominates the way inter-trading takes place. There are no logistics systems that can make integrated and coodinated processes possible in the practice of inter-trading within the local economy. I personally believe there could be many advantages in creating logistics networking systes in inter-trading locally. Thus, I am initiated to conduct a study that would lead me to the deployment of modern logistics system that would support the development of businesses/inter-trading locally taking place. Therefore, I am seeking your kind opinions about what you think are the key issues I have to deal with most and advise me on how should I proceed to the establishment of a logistics company that would serve loca requirement.
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