Do you always care to see both the sides of the coin in life?

February 1, 2007 10:51pm CST
I am serius about this. My avatar is a symbol of that. This is showing both the sides of the currency note of my beloved India. "Both the sides of the coin" I mean it here in a classical approach. What I exactly want to say is, One must necessorily look at the issues & events in the practical life in a manner, so that we analise the matters in a logical as well as justified way. We should avoid one sided thinking, even if is not acceptable to us personaly. This could save us from making sins and putting others in trouble, pain and torture. Do you concede with me?
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• Australia
6 Feb 07
I believe only a fool makes decisions without first thinking through all aspects of the decision itself and its consequences. When faced with some types of decisions, I take a sheet of paper, divided down the centre, and write the cons on one side and the pros on the other. When seen in black and white, things become a lot clearer. If more people thought before they acted, we would have less problems to face. Good discussion topic. Thanks.
@wmg2006 (5383)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I do agree we must look at all sides of the situation before making a decision on which is correct. I have always tried to do this and not be judgemental of my fellow person. I think all situations have at least 2 sides some more. It is best for us and the ones involved to look at everything first.
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@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
2 Feb 07
While I do not concede to you,I do agree with you. I try to look at situations from all angles and to have as much info at my disposal before "rendering a decision" or deciding something. Sometimes this fault of logic makes me seem wishy-washy,or slow,but so be it.I would rather know I gave something a lot of thought and was proven wrong then be right but not give it the consideration that was needed.