Does exercise really make a difference?

United States
February 1, 2007 11:33pm CST
Ever since I had my baby last July, I have wanted to lose all my excess weight, but unfortunately I haven't had any luck. True, I have not been exercising like I know I should, but I'm trying to get motivated. Anyway, does it really make that much of a difference? I've lost weight without exercising before, but this time the weight won't budge, no matter how few calories I consume. I know I need to get my thyroid checked, but with no insurance, it's kind of difficult to go to the doctor. My thyroid's been out of whack before, so I know that could be the problem. Anyway, if I could actually start losing a little weight, I know that would motivate me to exercise so I could lose even more, but it's soooo hard. Any suggestions?
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