writing words that come to mind wherever i am

February 2, 2007 12:59am CST
I've got this habit of trying to reach a pen and paper whenever words come to appear along with easy gliding tunes,sometimes,I have the feeling that people around me think absurd things like i am overacting,they can't help but to say things in disbelief,"how about if you're in bed at night" I said "well,I manage to get up like mad and try to recover words and tunes that appeared in my sleep only to get them off my head as soon as i get the pen and paper". Dreaming of tunes and words do seldom happen to me like once in every three years,i think like days when i am free from sin like gluttony,too tiring activity and other worldly knowledge. I did discover technique that i culled from country people of long ago to bury things under your pillow if want them remembered the next day.So,i do the same thing to make my words and music easily remembered the next day, but, of course, i have it arranged on key board.
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