We become what we think - agree?

February 2, 2007 2:36am CST
Mahatma Gandhi quoted this : A MAN IS BUT THE PRODUCT OF HIS THOUGHTS. WHAT HE THINKS, HE BECOMES. This has me thinking seriously about how I view things and situations. If I am to become what my thoughts are, then my thought patterns must be realigned properly. Many times, we become failures because we think failingly. Isn't this true? I once attended a seminar on motivation. The presenter taught me one principle I will never forget. He said, that in every problem, there will always be an opportunity. I believe it very much. Now, being into online earnings, my thoughts must bring victory to my financial success. If thinking changes things, then I want to be the first to change. What is your view about thoughts? What are you thinking today? Share how your thoughts have materialised into products of your desires.
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