can somebody help me with this????? i really need help!!!

February 2, 2007 2:59am CST
Actually i have a very close friend n i like him n he knows that..... BUT SOMEONE TOLD HIM RECENTLY THAT I HAVE TOLD MY FRIENDS THAT BOTH OF US GOING around. But alL my friends know that he is just a good friend n that i like him. I tried to explain it to him that i havn't said any thing like that but he is not listening. I tried calling him many times but he din't even answer my call. He is ignoring me completely. He was a real close friend and i never wanted to loose him but nw that he doesn't trust me even a bit n doesn't care what should i do?????? should i try n call him again??? but i know that won't be of any use.. or should i just 4get that i had a friend like him n move on???????? what should i do???? can somebody plz tel me coz i don knw wat to do n all this is really disturbing me. Plzzz tell me what should i do?????
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2 Feb 07
I just broke up with a young friend, we where very close. We ran forums and web sites together. I have no idea what I did and she is ignoring me and its breaking my heart. I really cared about her, she was like a little sister and I have absolutely no idea what I did. Now I have the horrible path to walk alone of moving on and leaving her behind, and it hurts. I should know better than to get close to virtual friends. In your situation, hun I don't know. You could try writing him a letter and tell him precisely what has happened. Explain it was a misunderstanding and that you care about him but just as a friend. If he is not answering you there could be a totally valid reason. He may not be getting your messages for what ever reason, technical things, life things, he may be sick in bed with flu :( Write to him and ask him where you stand and make it clear that you will not contact him again and the "ball is in his court now" its up to him to make the next move. Blessed be.
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2 Feb 07 definitely heed your advice n hope 4 the best. thx 4 your response:-)