why do people look down on apparel purchases made from walmart?

February 2, 2007 3:08am CST
i've never been to america so i can not ubderstand it when i read from magazines about a celebrity or a lead story character saying disdainfully, "her jacket looks like something that's bought from walmart." what's the big deal?
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
2 Feb 07
I really don't know what the big deal is. I do live in America, I don't let it bother me. I shop alot at Wal-Mart they have excellant prices and they have some adorable things. I guess if I was a wealthy person then I could afford to shop at the upper end stores but since I'm not I shop at Wal-Mart. Although I think that even if I was a wealthy person it really wouldn't matter as I love a good bargain. Just my opinion but I think that Wal-Mart is great! Good luck to you here at mylot!
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
i think they're great, too. i have my friend from maryland purchase some leotards and tights for my little girl at walmart. they're cheaper compared to those at amazon.
@rodnic12 (129)
• United States
2 Feb 07
I dont shop at walmart but my fiance do. Nothing is wrong with walmart, I guess people feel there to good to buy clothing from walmart because it so cheap. If you ask me they have great women clothing. But for men I dont thin so. I love walmart.
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
i'm from the philippines and we don't have walmart here but i frequently visit their website coz i find them cheap compared to amazon, etc. i have a friend there who "shops" for me. what i do, i email her the products i want, she buys it for me, i pay her thru money transfer and she mails it to me here. more often than not, my purchases are from walmart.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
17 Jan 11
I think Walmart has very cute clothing and that's where I get the majority of my clothes. Walmart is much cheaper (not on quality) than other department stores like Macy's, Penny's or Sears..I can find cute styles there that I really enjoy and I don't have to travel so far away either.
• United States
9 Nov 08
I don't know the problem. I've brought myself and my children clothes from walmart. I haven't had any problems with the quality of the clothes. They've been wash several times and still look good. So I can't really say why people say that. I think its more because people think that they feel that the more they spend on their clothes is the better quality but not for me. I get to look good and save money without any problems.
@shell94 (990)
• Canada
29 Oct 08
I assume that they think that because the person is a celebrity that they should spend alot on their clothing. Walmart is considered to be a good bargain for clothes. I love the variety available at Walmart as well as the prices for both my daughter and myself. You can get alot of trendy things for a fraction of the price. People assume that stars should part with their money at stores that are expensive like Saks and Macy's.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
6 May 08
I dont know why people look down at appareal that is bought from Wal Mart,because the appareal at Wal Mart is just as good if not better than some of the expensive appareal that you see at more pricey stores, and at Wal Mart you can always find want you want at a real low price.I think people should get off their high horse and realize that if they shop at Wal Mart that they could save money for more important things,like bills and stuff like that.
• United States
9 Dec 07
i really don't know. i mean, some clothing from walmart is pretty .. well, not fashionable. but you come acrossed that at most stores. i've actually gotten a couple really cute shirts from walmart in the past and i've gotten more compliments on them then i have on shirts from other stores known for good clothing! haha. maybe it's just because walmart's prices are so cheap so it's assumed that all clothing from walmart must be cheap and ugly.
• United States
4 Dec 07
Yes! thank you for bringing this up! I shop at walmart all the time. I have a very low income, and cannot afford to shop at more expensive places. There are also many controversial issues about shopping at walmart, but like I say, that is what I can afford....there is absolutely nothing wrong with saving money by shopping at reasonably priced stores.
@magical9 (21)
• United States
16 Jul 07
Well, there are always people that judge the clothing you wear. I know some people that refuse to wear anything but name brand clothing like Chaps or Tommy.There is absolutely nonthing wrong with buying clothes at walmart.People have there reasons, they may not like the style,they may like buying expensive clothing cause it makes them feel better, but if you buy clothes at walmart, nobody can tell if its from there or someone else.Its not like it has the walmart logo on everything.Yes,there are certain outfits that would look dumb on anyone at walmart,atleast i wouldnt wear it but i can say the same thing about JCPenneys or even some name brand outfits. Just because they are expensive, doesnt mean it has to be in style.