Global warming - are we doomed??

@ginagee (843)
February 2, 2007 5:19am CST
Every day we hear on tv or read in the papers about this problem. Do you think your country is doing enough to combat it? Are your communities doing anything different now that they didn't do before? What do you see as the worst cause of global warming? Or do you think it is all too little, too late?
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2 Feb 07
I try not to worry about this because i freak out so badly. i even dream about the sun becoming so bright that it heats everyone intil there cooked. (i'm not joking) :| I think the uk are doing us proud to fight it. personally i think some of the things are pointless and stupid but there's alot of good ones. Now we have 3 bins and we're forced to recycle or you recieve a big fine. (i get the feeling this is for money more aswell as making sure people follow it) i can't continue now. i'm nearly running around the room shouting a dads army quote. "don't panic... don't panic!!" ~joey (okay the bottom parts a joke)
@yanjiaren (9050)
2 Feb 07
nah they are all too slow..if something drastic isn't done soon enough..humans in a few years time are going tolook like fried eggs lol..this is one reasoin cancer rates are rocketing..if our unwise leaders don't move their bud soon..we are doomed..
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@minerc (1373)
• United States
2 Feb 07
Have you also read this?
@ebfh2006 (176)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I don't think any country is doing enough to combat it. We need less burning of fossil fuels etc. But I don't think it is too late. Firm legislation needs to be enacted in all countries if we are to stop global warming.
• United States
6 Feb 07
I do not believe that the United States is doing enough in terms of preventing the ill effects of global warming that will likely devastate our future generations. I will admit I have been a little cynical about the subject. But just like everything else in life education and awareness is the key to change. I have begun discussing alternative fuel options with friends of mine and have become very conscious about recycling. I know there is a lot of information out there and a lot of people in the Northwest that are interesting in seeing some changes in their communities in terms of recycling and usagge of fossile fuels I hope that their future efforts are not in vain. I know that regardless what the U.S. does I will educate myself and do my part.
@shadey (120)
• India
3 Feb 07
i think there is a need to make the people realise the effects of the rising earths temperature which is nothing but the globalwarming....................many people even doesnt know what is it and also what is going to be happened.........................this means the tv and radoi and internet is not covering the total percentage of the spreading of the awareness about this so there is a nee d for us to organise some organisations and then leed the people by mouttomouth type of communications and also by standing up few posters with the captions stating the badeffects of the globalwarming