PRV Server or the real WOW?

@PomFect (205)
February 2, 2007 5:47am CST
Do u playing the real world of warcraft server or ur playing on a free Private server? i'm playing on a Private server becouse i have no way to pay :o
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@mazmoaz (248)
• Norway
2 Feb 07
The real one is the best. Private servers have few players, the few players are 9-year olds with their mind set on : "Freee plox..!!". And it doesn't have the same events. It isn't fun because it's not the real thing, you can't go tell a person : " Hey, I play World of Warcraft ", cause your not. You're playing on a private server. You can't join WoW forums, either. Most of them don't allow private server talk. Private servers will never be the same as the real games.
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@M45T3R (3)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
2 Feb 07
Im playing on a private server also because i dont have that kind of money to pay for a game. But if i could pay i would certanly pay for it because then you have technical support servers with 7000 people its great. I dont know any private server that has more than 100 people on it but the game is fun so i play it. :)
• United States
2 Oct 07
i used to play retail wow, its content is much better than that of privite servers but i will say private servers can get some good sized communities. i play on wowgasm private server now because i no longer have 4-6+ hours a day that is required once you finish all pre 70 content on retail, also i really think the expansion kinda ruined wow i loved 60 endgame 70 is just not as fun for somereason