someone told u that u been stabbed them ? even you are not ?

United States
February 2, 2007 7:12am CST
Have you tried to care to someone but thet person thought you were bad influence for them? It happen to me . Once, I just know this girl for couple monnths. On January '06 all of my friends asked me to went to Pocono with them play snow tubbing, So I asked her to came along. Okay She did, She doing well with my friends. But she got a crush into 14 years old boy. If the difference its not really broad its okay, She is 22 years old on that time. OMG ... that really bad. I told her to stay away from that kids and don't mess around with him.I didn't even bother me or anyone else. She even broke up with her boyfriend for 4 years. Gosh ... Neither both of their parents agree with their kids decissions. Until one day We had a valentine party. She met one of my godbrother. They got crush on each other but nobody know that. That girl still going out with the lil boy until she told everybody her and my godbrother became a couple. Oh My .. My godbrother .... he's too good for her. I don't know. She's just make everybody got their nerves. while going out with my brother she still messing around with one of my ex friend's. GOSH .... the guy she messing with told me that she always called her everynight even she alredy had BF. he told me bad2 things about her. and whe the girl called me and said I stabbed her twice ( damn ... I didnt do nothing ) I told her that I am not the one who said that it's the guy she messing with she didnt believe me. fortunately my godbrother believe me and told her that I never said a bad stuff like that ( I love u bro!! ) and she believe me. I don't want to be her friends or around her anymore. cause she always got on my nerves, do whatever she likes even whe she ask u about our suggestion. The other I got it from my friend, a married guy in love with her and I tol her about him. the truth that he's married ( he confess to her that he's single ) and had a baby. she didn't believe me.( Gosh .. why I always had friend like this ) Until one day a friends of her who already slept with a guy my friend like told her that the guy is married and she believe her. So what's the point ... 'doh!!! and the girl she's not even close to me nomore.
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