Do you use or have ever used autosurfs?

@ezzrssi (11197)
February 2, 2007 8:33am CST
i have a monitor of autosurfs: it is here: Yesterday i have signup a new autosurf (that is incredible ) after you have surfed you can require your cashout and incredibly instantly the system send you the money in your e- gold account , i don't believed in that untill i have try the program is this one : If you have some dollar in your e-gold account (the minimum is 10$) you can try this reliable autosurf PS:That is a recommend for you not a spam post ...
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@marcelinx (115)
• Brazil
6 Apr 07
All autosurfs become a scam after a couple weeks. I don't trust them, but I've tried one. It didn't pay me.
@ezzrssi (11197)
• Italy
11 Apr 07 this one is open from 43 days and all monitors say paying i recommend you
@chanfrado (1166)
• Portugal
2 Feb 07
I do use but I'm not a big fan of auto-surfs. Sooner or later they will close down.
@ezzrssi (11197)
• Italy
2 Feb 07
pay - payment from instantsurfing
Youre right man,but when you have experience you can ride the autosurfs or ponzi like you want to call it,here the proof i have been paid untill today,miss just today payment coz i have not take the screen
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
3 Feb 07
now dont have paid autosurf programs running, but still use traffic exchange to promote other programs.