Does anyone else make their own baby food?

@indywahm (808)
United States
February 2, 2007 10:49am CST
I make my own baby food for my son . It is so easy and saves us money too. I have a baby food maker and just plop what we are eating in there and mix it up and he eats. He did not like peas though!!! The faces he made when i tried to get him to eat those were funny.
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10 Feb 07
HI I make my own baby food too for my 7mo old. I did the jar stage 1 til he had tried and accepted fine all of it and now I make it. Like today he had avacado and apple mixed and he loved it. Its fun making my own combos. I have a hand mixer that I use to puree. I agree it is so easy...kinda fun to make too :)
2 Feb 07
I did make some baby food for my first daughter, but she always used to much prefer the shop bought stuff. I do wish I had tried harder with her though as she turned into a really fussy eater. My second daughter I used shop bought stuff at first but later just used to mash up whatever we were eating with a fork and give it to her, and now she will eat almost anything.