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February 2, 2007 11:35am CST
Does any one know how the child support should be here? I have my two oldest 14,and 12, dad oweing me 9,000 to me and 12,000 to the state.I was wanting to know how to get the money from this guy.At least the right amount.I know a man who has to pay for two kids 500 bucks a month, and he don't even have a good paying job!And then my x only has to pay 338 for two kids?And he don't even pay that?! He don't keep insurance on them cause the county attorney here released him of the due to him not makeing enough money.And he don't want to see the kids or even call them.They don't ever see gift from him.It's all on me for everything.And when I call the child support office the woman over it acts like I have no bussiness calling her.I get a cold shoulder.What do I do?Where to start?
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@peedielyn (1210)
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17 Dec 07
Honey, I feel for you there! I get $2.20 A MONTH IN CHILD SUPPORT. I am also from Ohio. I talked to my attorney, and she told me that after September 2006, Everyone who is entitled to Child Support, and GOVERNMENT services, are supposed to get it. I agree with my caseworker that they do get over loaded sometimes with the demands of the common people wanting food stamps or medical, and or child support. I have seen what they go through, but, when I asked her what would be so hard about hiring some of these people so they wouldn't have to be on welfare, she dropped her jaw. That would mean that they (some get paid 14.00/hr) would get a drop in hourly earnings, and God Forbid they should have to actually live like us. I laughed. As for child support, the others are right. Stand up and FIGHT. They are there to make you feel like crap for asking for help. It's the system's negative way of making you just ignore the problem. Go in there and tell them--"I was not the only one who concieved these children! I am not a psychic, if I was I would have forseen the hardships that I am now facing and would have booted him to the curb in the first place. You have a job to do to help me. That is what you get paid for. I want what is mine and I am asking nicely for you to help me get it!" If that doesn't work, when you get a hearing paper--take it! Don't hold back. Save your reciepts and when it comes down to it--lawyer or no lawyer just present them the items you have saved, on gas money, child care, schooling fees, anything you have paid. And just flat out tell them. I came here for help, and I am not getting it. People at (whatever office you went to--and remember names and faces)were rude to me. You said as a government office that my kids are entitled to whatever is theirs, well, I am here just for that." Your kids deserve this! Fight honey, or I will come down and do it for you. I got a loud mouth. Before so-n-so when to prison, I got the money from him selling his home, money from the sales of 3 cars, and all of his clothing in a garage sale--yes ma'am I did. Here in ohio they take your belongings and send you to jail, and pay off your debts with them!! I love it--just wish it would happen to more people.. Good luck! Keep me posted
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17 May 07
I am not really sure how the law is in Kentucky since I live in Tennessee, But you might find some information at this website. Or call the Division of Child Support Hot Line at 800-248-1163. They should be able to give you some information or where to go and get help. Good Luck and let me know how things turn out. Word of advice, don't back down for anything. Go to every office you can until you find someone that can help. If the hotline above can't help you, call your local Human Services and ask them who can you talk to. If they won't then call your local District Attorney's office for advice or ask them where is the office for Child Support Enforcement. I have went thru them all until I found someone to help.