What do you think about the attack to the World Trade Center?

February 2, 2007 12:41pm CST
It was on orrible tragedy! I never seen an orrible thing like that! This history upset all the world and after 6 years the people of the world still say about this and they still find all the truth... Someone say about conspiracy, other believe to the official version of the facts... I don't know the truth and I thinck we'll never know that, but I'm sure that I'll never want to see an event like that!!!! What do you say about this history? We must still say about this! say for don't forget...
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• India
2 Feb 07
yes that was a saddest day in the history,,,,terrorist almost took life of 2500 people....they made children cryin for thier fathers, mother,s sisters, brothers,,,,that was a day to remember for those who lost life at that time.... a horrible day to think about