is there nethin in this world which is not possible?

February 2, 2007 1:04pm CST
hii gr8 to see u all here im talkin bout some life skills R U THE 1 thinkIN ppl whos lucky can do stuffs ggr8tly or ppl who has more brain does things perfectly well if u do plz change ur attitude its not like tt u kno evry1 in this world has smae neurology we have 2million million neuron cell nd 1 more thing whichs facinatin is 1 neuron can do stuffs faster than 1000 superfast computers so wht dou feel do u think tt u don have ttt much neuron, no u too have uve got the same evry1 has the same neurology.u kno its how we use tt matters a lot u gotta be in the positive attitude always u must be particiating 100% in everythin u do nd 1 more thing u gotta understand ..THE GRATEST FAILURE IN LIFE IS NOT PARTICIPATING 100%.SO IF U PARTICIPATE WELL ND IF U GIVE THE BEST OF URSELF NOTHIN IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD.I GUESS U FELT A BIT GOOD AFTER READIN IT IF U DIDNT LIKE IT PLZ COMMENT ND WHEN U READ THIS PLZ REPLY KK THNX FOR UR PATIENCE THNX SO MUCH ....
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• India
3 Feb 07
Dude I dont think so. I think we can achieve whatever we think. But we must havedetermination and goal. We must not leave the spirit. What do u think?
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