Cant sit before PC for so long, what will i do if get in to a software company??

@saunty (604)
February 2, 2007 1:48pm CST
I get severe headache whenever i sit for a long time on makes me worry that how would i cope up if i get in to any software company...if i couldnt keep my pace there , then i would be fired..and i dont want that...would you people help me this regard....
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@scarydog (170)
2 Feb 07
Hi Saunty... OK... firstly what sort of monitor are you using at present... CRT or TFT(LCD)?? CRT monitors can cause headaches easier than TFT's. Secondly, you may need to adjust the refresh rate and/or the resolution of your monitor... this too can cause eye strain and in turn headaches... if not set to a rate that is satisfactory to you. Thirdly, you may find it necessary to fit an anti-glare filter on your screen.... this again can help to reduce eye strain. Fourthly... if you use monitors regularly for more than about 5 hours a day then you do need to have regular eye tests. And lastly... if you are using monitors for long periods... take regular breaks every 30-60 minutes...5 or 10 minutes is enough time for your eyes to re-adjust If you do work for a software company or any company where you have to use monitors for extended periods it is the company's responsibility to ensure that you are not causing permanent eye damage.. Good luck
@asmoyaho (177)
• Egypt
3 Feb 07
yes schaduelling is improtant allways know the time for every thing
@saunty (604)
• India
3 Feb 07
Nice to hear all those i have TFT screen in my here i can tollerate that much strain...and even if i manage to get in to a software company , there also i will be using these TFTs so that i can withstand those stress....thanx ..i will rate you + for these suggestions...happy earrning...