United States
February 2, 2007 2:11pm CST
I am trying to start working at home, and transition into it over the course of this year. Do you work fron home? and if so, was it hard giving up the stability issue of having a full time 9-5 stable job? I know of some great wah opps and I am eager to try them but don't want to overdue it and stress myself out bc I will need to work double for a while. Please help, I need some ideas!
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• Canada
2 Feb 07
I work part time away from home but would give it up real fast to have a work at home job . I would have no problems giving up the job I have if I could make money while at home . I would have no more worries about how I was going to get to work when the road conditions were bad and worrying about getting to the doctor's to get a note when I know what is wrong with me . I have the flu right now and had to get a not from the doctor saying I was under his care for the next couple of days because I am sick and would therefore not be able to attend work . It was a waste of my whole day yesterday and I felt like crap and only wanted to be home in bed , to prove to work that I was really sick .