The need to help third world citizens not not third world countries

May 25, 2006 5:09am CST
Today most attention have been focused on developed coutries sending momey to leaders of third world countries and this money end up in the hands of few corrupt people.I thinkif the developed coutries want to help alliviate poverty in third world countries they should aim at the citizens ant not on a country's leader.such hlp should be like awarding of scholarships,provision of water,roads,food and even cash to sellected poor ones in these countries.I need someones opinion on this
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• India
21 Mar 08
hey you are right, well i know every country who will like to do they will do for there profit. but they donot like to invest in for any one help.
• Nigeria
7 Jan 07
i agree with you
• Hong Kong
6 Jan 07
It shouold be handede directly to hands of the needful Say system needs a change
@CHASHA (483)
• India
16 Nov 06
it's need devlop the third world countries.
• India
31 Oct 06
@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
22 Oct 06
we need to develop human capital in third world countries TRUE
• United States
20 Sep 06
I would have to agree with you,That is A very good thing to point out..Sometimes..Alot of the money that goes to the leaders,Does not go to the people of it,Because the leader wants to hog it all got himself,and so on,and so forth...I think you made A very good point..People should be more focused on sending to the specific people who actually need it,and not the leader..
@abubakr (88)
• Sudan
15 Aug 06
if those aids went to the countries i think the poor people will also benifit , i think that you mean goverments and not countries
@ssh123 (31103)
• India
15 Aug 06
It is true and fully agree. If 1$ is donated to third world country, only 0.30 cents go for development. The balance goes for kickbacks. So it is better to select a honest NGO for each region in the country and financial assistance should be given on projects completed.